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Feathers & flesh, in his own words

Feathers & flesh, in his own wordsCD Vaison   CD

Auteur(s)Avatar (Musicien)

Titre(s)Feathers & flesh, in his own words [enr. sonore] / Avatar, ens. voc. & instr.

Editeur(s)Londres, Royaume-Uni : Another Century, 2017.

ContientAn ancient old tale. - Regret. - Each feather a blade. - House of eternal hunt. - Wild, hungry eyes. - The eagle has landed. - Feed. - New land. - Stars among leaves. - Tooth, beak & claw. - Just a few more. - For the swarm. - To deaf ears. - Fiddler's farewell. - Wickedly they play. - One more hill. - In the deep. - Black waters. - Cutting skies from her eye. - Night never ending. - A very old song. - Pray the sun away. - Eat or be eaten. - When the snow lies red. - Far too much pain. - Raven wine. -..and the death of a bird. - Sky burial. - You'll continue to suffer.

Sujet(s)Hard rock Variétés internationales


Matériel2 CD (43, 55 min). 1 livret

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